Dental Hygiene at Brookfield Dental

When it comes to your teeth, prevention is definitely better than cure.

The best preventative step you can take is to have regular check-ups with our dentists and hygienists so we can keep a close eye on the health of your mouth, gums and teeth. Keeping your teeth and gums clean and healthy should significantly reduce the amount of dental work you will ever need.

Dental Hygiene

Confidence is a bright, fresh, smile.

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It’s never too late to start getting it right! 

Good dental hygiene can prevent almost all common dental conditions including tooth decay and gum disease. With careful and regular brushing and flossing, it is possible to avoid any loss of adult teeth.  

Most people need help establishing and maintaining a good brushing and flossing technique and this is where our dental hygienists, Phoebe, Nazreen and Jade, can help to ensure that your mouth, gums and teeth are healthy, clean and stay this way.  

Regular visits to our hygienist will give you confidence that your breath is fresh and your smile is at its best. Our dental plans include hygiene care and are tailored to your individual needs.

Bad Breath

Get fresh breath confidence.

Bad breath is a very common problem and there are many different causes.

Persistent bad breath is usually caused by the smelly gases released by the bacteria that coat your teeth and gums. Strong foods such as garlic, onions, some spices and coffee can add to the problem.

It can also be caused by medical problems such as dry mouth, some medicines, breathing through the mouth rather than the nose, infections of the throat, nose or lungs, sinusitis, bronchitis, diabetes and liver or kidney problems. If we find your mouth is healthy, we may recommend a referral to your GP for further investigations.

Our dental hygienists will be able to provide any treatments necessary to ensure your gums are healthy. They can also provide you with advice and information about products that can help with bad breath.

If we find your mouth is not healthy, we may recommend a referral to your GP for further investigations.

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Direct Access

You don’t have to be a patient at Brookfield Dental.

Did you know that you can take advantage of our hygienists’ skills even if you have a dentist elsewhere?

Since the introduction of ‘direct access’', you no longer need to be a registered patient of our practice to enjoy a cleaner, fresher smile.

Looking to make a bright first impression? Pease ask us how our hygienists can help even if you are not a registered patient.

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"I was lucky enough to switch to Priyesh Patel after developing gum and bone problems.  He has seen me through every step of my fantastic, high quality treatment, culminating in him doing my implants.  He has been amazing throughout and made me feel comfortable and positive and continues to do so.  I wouldn’t go to anyone else!"


"Very kind friendly staff that put you at ease if nervous, the dentists are very good, Mr M Zahran mended my front tooth that was half broken and he did a brilliant I am so pleased, everyone says you can not even tell it was broken, it looks as good as new and colour blends perfect to my other teeth. I would highly recommend Brookfield Dental Care and give them a 5 Star."


"Had very bad infection of a molar which had caused sleepless nights, my problem was dealt with quickly and efficiently. Minimal pain during and after treatment. Even the pain killing injection is numbed nowadays. Going back to have implants later this year to complete my treatment, brilliant service."


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